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Knit Cotton Ornament, Peru (7.5-10cm)

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Country: Peru
Product Code: TORN
Product Name: Knit Cotton Ornament, Peru
Product Description: Sold Individually. These animal ornaments come in a greater variety than can be shown. There are dogs, monkeys, giraffes, birds, llamas, elephants, pigs, parrots, bears, cats, bats, vultures, horses, macaws, cows, kangaroos, sheep, dragons, rabbits, tigers, lions, roosters, fish, deer, penguins, flamingos, snails, zebras, donkeys, alligators, turtles, goats, and an octopus.
Retail Price: $4.00
Size: 7.5-10cm
(2.54cm = 1 inch)
Category: Dolls And Toys

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